Yankee Doodle Deli Zels Flavored Pretzels

People's Republic of Popcorn

Rima's Diner


Drag Performances

In between acts, catch a Cabaret act by locals.

Perks on Pike

"A Day in the life of John G. Carlisle School in Covington's 200th year"  
Look at life through the eyes of John G. Carlisle Elementary school. Some images will

be on display and the book will be available for sale.

Pike Street Arcade Tunnel

NuMediacy Installation
Sheila Fields and the Covington solid waste team will be actively answering questions

about plastics and signing local residents up for recycling services. 


"SuperNova Sequentials," works by Cosmic Moustache Comics and Torc Press
Clint Basinger and Joseph Morris merge their mighty comic creating powers for

SuperNova Sequentials. Journey into their wildly creative world filled with unique sci-fi, fantasy, pulp, and super heroes and find original comic pages, process art, and new cosmic painting collaborations. 

Humans of Covington

Rudy Harris Photography will exhibit photos showcasing the beauty and diversity of Covington through its people in the alley west of Four Seasons Catering.


Emojis in the Real

Rudy Harris Photography will host an “emojis in the real” photo booth creating emojis

by photographing attendees of Art Off Pike.

Graffiti Wall

Demonstrate your own artistic skills at a graffiti wall in the new InterPose Rock Garden

at the underpass at Pike and Russell Streets.

InterPose/Pike Street Overpass Mural & Zen Garden

Renaissance Covington has turned a neglected space into an urban oasis to be unveiled

at Art Off Pike. Come dance to tunes by local DJs all afternoon.

Covington Arts

“Seeing Through” curated by Saad Ghosn 
Covington Arts Gallery will feature three contemporary artists from Greater Cincinnati and Columbus.  The exhibit addresses the notion of transparency, of seeing through and beyond the surface of discovering and capturing what might be hidden at first sight.  

Flow – A Shop For Men

NKY Leatherworker Randal Teufel
See handstitched goods from local leatherworker Randal Teufel of Teufelmacht and learn more about his craft.

Braxton Brewery

Located at the heart of Art Off Pike, Braxton will be serving their delicious home grown

beverages including DevouBrew – our favorite. You can also find the After Party here.

The Red Door Project

The Red Door Project is coming to Covington and will be open and accepting artwork in

their new location at 12 West Pike.


"Cash For Your Warhol: Fund Your Startup!" Exhibit
An exhibition exploring the intersection of art, money and entrepreneurship by

conceptual artist and photographer Geoff Hargadon. ​

Pike Street Art Wall

Designed and built by local artist Chris Meyer, the Art Wall was built to hide a vacant lot and was specifically designed to restore a sense continuity to the block and knit the urban fabric back together

Four Seasons Catering

Chicago Don's Hot Dawgs


Braxton Brewing Co.

DJ Planet Venus

DJ Juan Cosby

Spoken Word By:

Syreeta Briggs
Sam Phillips
Tha Protagonist 
Lisa Carbert
Brian Sullivan
Cheryl Morton


duveneck Triangle

madlot pallet stage

Simple American Music. For Everyone.

A funk rock band from Cincinnati, equally comfortable laying down hard rocking riffs and laying back into a groove.

An independent Girl-Rock band from the Cincinnati urban neighborhood Fairmount.

A rock band. Jangly. Smart. Passionate. Proudly from Cincinnati.

Madlot Mainstage 

Emily Wetterich
Griffin van Meter
Jackie Sloan
Jason Erler
Javonne Whittle
Designs in Wood
Jillian Ross
Katie Woodring

Art Installations & Attractions

FOOD & Drink

Artist Booths

April Mummert of AM Forms
Brenda Tarbell
Carol Forsythe
Carolyn Althoff
The Screen Door Prints
Chris Green
Clinton Wood
Ellina Chetverikova

Scott Raymond
Sheila Sweeney
Shrewdness of Apes
Stephen Childress
Suzanne Marie Lambert
Tara Kinsella
Theresa Yee
Thomas DiBello
Tony Dotson

Kelly Johnson

Lynea Bennett
Madeline Guthrie
Matt Grote
Matt Meyung
Maximillian Unterhaslberger
Mike Maydak
Ryan Hill